العميد ضياء الوكيل

Name: Diaa Abd Al-Kareem Alwakeel. He descends from a respected Baghdadi family.


  • He completed his elementary study at Zied Elementary School in Al-Kfah Street.
  • He completed his middle school at Sinai Middle School.
  • He completed his preparatory study at the Martyr Mohamed Silliman Preparatory School.

College Education:

  • He entered the military school in 1986 and graduated in 1988.
  • He studied Law at Baghdad University in 1988 and graduated in 1992.
  • He has Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication in 1995.

Military Ranks:

He graded on the military ranks until he reached Brigadier-General.

His Publications:

  • He has three books on the modern media war.
  • He has published writings and opinions on the psychological war and the counter media.


  • Member of the General Union of Arab Litterateurs and Writers since 1995.
  • Classified as an International Media Expert by the UNESCO in 1998.

Recent Positions:

  • Speaker of the National Security Advisory in 2009.
  • Media Advisor of the Crisis Cell in the Prime Minister Office in 2010.
  • The Official Speaker of the Commander-in-chief of Iraq, the Defense Ministry, and Baghdad Operation Leadership (2012-2013).

Latest Activity:

  • He has a book under printing on suicides in Iraq and the world.


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