The Losers Club…!!! By the Advisor Dheyaa Alwakel

There is no doubt that the burden of the past is heavy on the present, but in history lays the examples and lessons. We must learn from its lessons, which are baptized with the blood of the martyrs and victims, the desolation of cities and the depletion of resources. We must prevent fires from reaching the remaining safe houses, as what is being plotted in secrecy for the region is very dangerous and forewarns more wars, violation and oppression to human beings, land and wealth. The region is being lead into entering “the losers club” moving it away from all that is enlightened and advanced in this world… It is the opportunism and hypocrisy of the West, America, and Russia, the Zionists’ hatreds and their success in luring the region and its people into the swamp of sectarian division, sectarian and ethnic strife and social crack in coordination with massive political failure, absence of sound governance and the blind drift toward sectarian fanaticism, extremism, disintegration, division and waste of resources. And the result is a double destruction and a rapid decline towards the cliff… We are in an era of great decline, so who will stop it…?? Who drinks the bitter medicine and pays the price of the difficult decisions?? Who makes the realistic compromises and results? Who establishes the general principles that respect freedom, human rights and human dignity and promote the values ​​of coexistence, peace and love, respect for diversity and pluralism, facing corruption and opening the doors for development and stability? Who saves the region and the world from the great explosion…??

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