The 2nd of August 1990 (in the past lies experience and lessons) By the Advisor Dheyaa Alwakel

Today is the 2nd of August, which takes us back 27 years ago, specifically to 1990 when the crisis between two brotherly neighbors (Iraq and Kuwait) reached the point of no return and ended up falling into a deep clash, the use of force and the invasion of the Iraqi army to Kuwait and occupying it in an unprecedented event in the history of Arab relations. It’s the day that politics and politicians declared their failure and inability to find solutions and realistic compromises of the raging conflicts between the two countries… that failure dragged the two parties into it only to expand and include the entire region and open the doors far and wide allowing entry to the major powers in line with the serious crisis only to have it used and employed to serve western and American agendas, pushing the region into a cycle of conflict, tension and violence and had led to the siege and destruction of Iraq and later its occupation, then the following elimination of any remaining bases of its existence and transforming it into a failed broken country, creating a clear and dangerous imbalance in the political and military forces and balance in the region…

The 2nd of August 1990 exposed the relations between the Arab countries to serious divisions, caused deep and critical wounds in the Arabic body and dream and suspended the will of the nation, its destiny and the fate of its people to the foreign guardianship and dominance… There is no doubt that the burdens of the past are heavy on the present, but we have to learn from the past so as the future doesn’t deviate us in history.


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