Bagdad on the line of regional openness… (A reading of the facts, the objectives, and possibilities) by the Advisor Dheyaa Alwakel

Iraq’s veins are linked to the region’s own and Iraq cannot live in isolation from its Arabic and regional surrounding environment and this applies to the neighboring countries as well. And in case some direct a look of concern and suspicion to the growing strength of Iraq and its recovery and re-emerging from its stumble, this would be an unrealistic perception and is disproved by historical geographical facts, which prove that the strength and unity of Iraq and the stability of its political system that is based on peaceful transfer of power are the guarantee to the security and stability of the region. So in turn, weakening and dividing Iraq forms a center of tension, rift, and frightening disorder that foreshadows chaos and serious repercussions to the overall regional state. Iraq and its neighbors have realized this fact that has been hidden for political reasons and the aim now is to overcome the previous phase with its fallout and bitterness with the sufficient will and awareness to open up a new page of relations defined by the principles of cooperation and mutual respect, with no interference in the internal affairs, and adopting a policy of openness to Baghdad, which in turn confirmed its openness to everyone with no exception. The past period has witnessed important visits from Mr. Abadi to Riyadh, Kuwait and Tehran, while there have been an exchange in visits and meetings among high-level military, political, and economic delegations of Jordan and Saudi Arabia with Iraq,  accomplishing some important results, most notably being the opening of Arar border crossing with Saudi Arabia and bilateral cooperation on security and economic levels, while the relations with Jordan have witnessed a remarkable development pending the opening of the Trebil border crossing, securing the international road, security of the borders, and enhancement of the logistical and consultative cooperation between the two neighboring countries.
I believe that this openness paves the way towards greater cooperation on all levels with the neighboring countries in accordance to what serves the peoples’ hopes and aspirations to live in peace and stability and to abort the malicious plans of terrorism, strife and extremism…

The mutual visits and active diplomatic movements between Iraq and its neighbors point towards a number of facts and objectives, most important of which being:

The common desire to enhance the bonds of cooperation and co-ordination.

Convergence of the points of view about the existing potential challenges and the available addressing means.

Giving the political efforts an additional momentum and strength on the practical level.

Achieving economic development, enhancing inter-trade and its markets as well as encouraging investment.

Encircling the escalating conflicts and putting a stop to the dangerous deterioration in the region.

Cut off the road on any terrorism and extremism plans, which feeds on differences, crises, failure, distortions, and regional fragmentation…

Iraq adopts a balanced policy in its regional relations and insures that its openness to the neighboring countries will not be at the expense for its relations with (Iran), it also distances itself away from the policy of cartels, and adheres to positive neutrality.

Iraq has proved through its upright stands that it adheres to the policy of constructive cooperation, open bridges and improving relations with neighboring countries that share its opinion, orientation and interact with its policy through visits, meetings and agreements which are devoted to a new phase of relations and reveal the features of a new image and future for the middle east…


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