Where did ISIS escape? What is its fate? What awaits the area in the next phase?? By the Advisor Dheyaa Alwakel

ISIS has escaped to the depth of the western desert and border areas… the topography of the land, the military geography and the vast space help them maneuver, disappear and adapt to the new reality. And it can be even more dangerous if not dealt with by a constant chase, monitoring, disruption and pressure, as they have abandoned geographical positioning and are no longer clinging to the ground, but instead they went down below it, fighting a war of ghosts, ambushes and scattered gangs. I believe that the Western alliance classifies ISIS and the rest of the extremist terrorist groups as a “liable enemy” in its war on terrorism and it is undoubtedly a fundamental variable in the chess game and its continuing survival is required by the rules of the game, but also it is the pretext of their stay and the main cause of the American and Western presence in the region. The American administration is engineering, investing in and managing this file with a professional intelligence attitude awaiting the maturation of the division and re-mapping projects. And till then, the region is poised for further conflict, violence and war while waiting for a new Yalta conference that reorganizes the areas of domination and control between the major powers and regional power centers, that has drawn the people of the region into a swamp of failure, conflict, mud, and blood, fueling destructive wars and conflicts. This scene requires political wisdom and a sound geopolitical sense in cautious dealing with the repercussions and risks of the including phase in a way that staves off fire away from what remains from cities and the houses…

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