Shocking crime… and confusing handling…!!! By the Advisor Dheyaa Alwakel

The murder of Colonel Bashir Al-Hamdani, director of the Air Force Club, and his family in Al-Mansour on the Monday morning of the 17th of July 2017, is a complex and horrifying crime that needs a suitable time to investigate seeking the truth by searching for and investigating the evidence and listening to the witnesses shed some light on the crime and reveal its secrets. Some of the security authorities in charge of the area that witnessed the criminal incident have rushed to the allegation that he had killed his family and then committed suicide. This claim precedes the results of the criminal lab report, which takes at the very least 24 hours, in addition to reviewing the forensic medicine report, having the investigations overseen by a specialized committee, and collecting testimonies from the witnesses, colleagues, and family…

Our opinion on the matter is: The investigation should have been confidential and free from previous claims, and dealings with the media should have been done through the Ministry of Interior under extreme levels of caution and professionalism so that the case wouldn’t get compromised as blood has its sanctity. As for the hasty claim (the suicide of Al-Hamdani after murdering his family) from our point of view:

  1. It‘s contradicted with the statement of the Air Force Club, which discussed his “assassination by a pernicious group” according to their statement.


  1. It is a confused preceding defense against the accusations of negligence to some security agencies.


  1. On the other hand, it may affect the course of the investigation and may lead, along with other pressuring elements, to the loss of the “truth” the law needs to enforce justice.



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