Al-Hakim throws a huge stone in the stagnant political lake… By the Advisor Dheyaa Alwakel

The establishment of the “National Wisdom Stream” announced by Mr. Ammar al-Hakim (Monday evening July 24, 2017), and whereby came out the Supreme Council, is a proactive political step characterized, from our point of view, with intelligence, acumen and the ability to read and foresee the future and might be consistent in the general context with responding to the terms of the following post-ISIS stage (reconstruction, reconciliation, security and its center is the elections), in which the voter is looking for programs, faces and new blood through which they can overcome the box of immobility (failure – corruption – sectarian quotas) and looking forward to building a state of protection, care, law, and citizenship … And here, Mr. Al-Hakim seeks to take control of the initiative and progress towards voters and the future in resolute steps after preparing the requirements of support and change on the aspect of what he called “generation displacement” and innovation, to be the bold initiator in the field of political movement outside the customary frameworks, and with this historic decision … he sails away and deep while others stand still at the shore…

(This is an analysis and reading of the event from a neutral point of view that is biased to no party and does not adopt any political position).


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