Post-Mosul battle… The phase of reorganizing and raising the level of combat preparedness and readiness… By the Advisor Dheyaa Alwakel

After the liberation of the Mosul city there are entitlements required on all levels (political, humanitarian, military, security, and economic) and even though the matter is of military nature, we are aiming to underline the post-battle entitlements and the phase of reorganizing the units involved in the combat and liberation including; compensation, training, and rehabilitation. The aim is to raise the level of combat preparedness and readiness of the fighters and the military equipment, and to avoid exhaustion and evading the duty towards training. The forces usually need an estimated period of one month and this stage is in an irregular war, as what is happening now, is very dangerous, as the terrorist groups will take advantage of this period to reorganize themselves, therefore, it is necessary to invest in victory and sustain the momentum of operations with alternative forces to chase the fleeing remnants who escaped or remain fortified in some areas that are still under the control of terrorism…

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