The American stick and Saudi money .. (Beneficial Marriage) !!

(Analytical reading) by Counselor Diaa Al-Wakil *

The preliminary analysis of the conclusions of the three-nation summit held in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia between the 20th and the 21st of May 2017 clearly indicates significant gains for the United States on economic, political and military levels at little to no cost at all, even Donald Trump entered the region, and held three summits with more than fifty countries during his stay in the Kingdom, and this scene suggests the following to an observer:

A new method of negotiation through innovative political equations that are based on trade, finance and role exchange.

The American president’s desire to move from what was described as “managing from the back” that prevailed during the administration of his predecessor Obama, to a major player and event maker in the new Trump era.

Washington seeking to shorten the gaps between the building blocks in its security and political positions on international level without affecting the basic principles of ensuring American interests, Israel’s security and the continued flow of oil to the West.


Features of US economic policy


The agreements that took place in Saudi Arabia points towards the outline of the new American economic policy that mainly leans on trading with a merchant’s mentality, meaning that Trump has invented a new way of paying the American protection bill in the form of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapon contracts, and this brings the following gains to both sides of the deal:

For Trump, he is carrying out his internal economic promises by obtaining one-third of the amount promised to his voters for public and private investments, providing a million jobs for the unemployed and paving the way for others and developing the infrastructure, and through that he is responding to the national criticism he has been facing.

And as for Saudi Arabia, they are paying a heavy bill to buy Trump’s hardlined face against Iran even if only at a rhetorical level, although this event has given it political momentum across the region. This may not justify these enormous arms deals that may never be used at a time the kingdom is suffering from austerity and higher rates of unemployment..

Crisis management without solutions:


The United States has invested in and exploited the region’s crises and played on two important factors:


The Saudi and Gulf countries’ concerns regarding what they describe as the growing strength of Iran and the expansion of its political role and influence in the region..

Terror and tension in the Western world of the spread of terrorism and violence and for it to reach sensitive civil life jeopardizing security and tourism in the western cities and capitals..


Is Washington ready to risk its troops and for the military escalation with Iran and its allies??

And to answer that, we say that America fully realizes that Iran is a big and important country in the region, and the revival of Washington’s traditional alliances with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states does not necessarily mean a clash with Tehran, it could be a step towards re-drawing roles and boarders of influence based on the political developments of the new alliances and agreements. In any case, Iran has concerns and suspicion in regards to what’s going on in the region and is known for its diplomatic maneuverability. In my own opinion, it will not resort to escalation, but it will send messages that it can corrupt many deals depending on its tools and influence in a number of Countries, and accordingly the continuation of the chess game is very likely and the rising tensions and pulling between the conflicting parties to remain, with each party leveraging its own basket so as to press sheets in preparation for a new Yalta conference that may be held on the ruins of the Middle East wars and rejuvenate the contract deals and the division of influence and perhaps renovate or re-map the sick and aging political plans, and even then the situation is open to many possibilities firstly being the continuation of fires, bleeding, and proxy conflict, and the people will always be the victim in the first place, paying the price with the blood of their sons and wealth wasted and will enter the losers club and steer away from the civilized world.. No one will benefit from a new Trambe – Gulf – Iranian conflict, and we hope the region doesn’t drift into an abhorrent sectarian conflict because the range of its catastrophic destruction is limitless..

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