Has the International Alliance’s Air Force broken the combat rules in western Mosul..??

The American Military’s declaration of running an investigation about the fall of hundreds of victims in the aerial bombardment on western Mosul is an initial acceptance of the assumption of pointing fingers and the involvement of the American Air Force in that bombing. however Washington put some of the responsibility on Iraq by claiming that the bombing was demanded by the Iraqi Forces in an attempt to avoid full responsibility for what happened. And here, we must clarify an important military matter, which is the US had broken the rules of combat and war in civilian buildings zone filled with unarmed civilians, as they implemented the tactic of “punishing the target” rather than stopping and dealing with the sources of hostile fire through the use of available counter weapons that wouldn’t exceed heavy and medium machine guns and snipers, as punishing the target means destroying it and what whichever surrounds it with missile strikes with a wide range destructive capacity. Using that tactic against the hostile ISIS targets mounting the rooftops of houses and buildings filled with civilians, definitely means inflicting direct casualties on the population in these houses, which is unfortunately what had happened.

And in the end, we would like to state that this war is informal and calls for the use of hybrid war tactics, as such: (Enrolling Special Forces qualified for war within cities and guerrilla warfare, war of Information and Intelligence, and Electronic Warfare), and it’s not recommended to use heavy artillery, missile strikes, heavy weapons and fighter aircrafts in these battles, to spare civilians from any more losses. The Iraqi elite forces can be reliable in addressing this mission, as they have field experience, offensive efficiency, good fighting ability, courage, high morale, and a willingness to sacrifice, and can employ all that in military plans facing the current field challenges. And through that we can we reduce the unfortunate civilian casualties, Achieve faster and less costing liberation, save what’s left of the old city, and rejuvenate the western area, otherwise there will only be more destruction and casualties.


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